Using a wipe-board.

January 8, 2017Rabbit Ideas

Cost: Wipe-board: £1 in Asda. Book: free at the local library

Usually, when offered a mark making opportunity, Little chooses to draw swirls and dots:


This is typical for toddler development, and I do let him do lots of this. However, I wondered this week if he would respond yet to a guided activity. We had already borrowed this book from our local library, which had some raised surfaces for young children to trace with their fingers.

So, here is what we did:

-Give Little the wipe-board and let him have some time to draw his usual swirls and dots pattern.

-Open the library book and just look at this one image; the zig-zag shape.


-Trace the zig-zag with fingers, saying “zig-zag, up and down”.

-Hop around the room like the bunny in the picture, repeating “zig-zag, up and down” together.

-Encourage Little to draw zig-zags of his own. I modeled an example at the top of the board for him to follow.

Result: After a few attempts (and some more intervals to hop around the room) he was beginning to put together the shape he had seen, felt, experienced by jumping and then re-created on the wipe-board as a “zig-zag”.


Have you used a wipe-board for mark making activities? Please share your ideas in a comment!

Using a wipe board

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