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10 Reasons To Visit The Investigate Centre- Natural History Museum

Over the past few years, we have tried out different museums, attractions and visitor centres for things to do with toddlers, pre-schoolers and now primary-aged children, many of which are really, really good.

But one place stands out as the BEST one- and we always come back, every year.

The Investigate centre in the basement of the Natural History Museum.

Yes, the whole of the museum is amazing, but this area in the basement is a bit of a hidden gem- a fab place to sneak down to when it starts getting busy upstairs and little ones just need a bit if space and a breather. It is also where they can start to process some of the sights they have seen in the galleries above, through hands-on activities.

So, here are 10 reasons to visit the Investigate centre:

1-Accessible: easy to get to, pushchair friendly.

2-Excellent facilities:  toilets/baby change, packed lunch area, etc.

3-Universally interesting & engaging: toddlers right up to primary age and beyond enjoy this space.

4-Offers a chance to experience something unique: we cannot have this experience close to where we live.

5-Hands on and interactive.

6-Links in with various elements of the national curriculum, Early Years framework and what they will be learning throughout the year at nursery, pre-school, school or in a home-school setting.

7-Uncluttered: there is space to process, ponder and reflect.

8-The potential is in their imagination: it encourages deep thinking, questioning and experimentation to learn more. Everything a learning environment should be.

9-Upstairs, there are dinosaurs.

10-It is FREE.

Have you ever been to the Natural History Museum- did you know about the Investigate Zone?

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